In 2006, I had a calling to teach kids a sport I love! Tumbling! I've been helping school-age kids find their passion and love in every gained skill. As I grew in my teaching role, I branched out to help in Cheerleading a few years later. I volunteered with several schools before becoming head coach. In 2009, I became certified in Cheerleading. For years, I've found several athletes share the same passion. I've helped so many achieve their goals. As I continued my career in Coaching, I craved more. Education is key! In 2022, I set out to get my Cheer Judge certification. Success! I've had the honor to work with multiple Coaches nationwide (also trained several in how to spot tumbling). Safety is extremely important to me as this is a dangerous yet fun, rewarding job! With that, I also gained certification to be a fitness instructor. I teach CheerFIT classes that are great for everyone! I love learning new things and meeting new people. I hope to see you in class! 
{This Could be YOU}
I'm always looking for passionate coaches. To grow in power is to grow in humbleness. Finding the perfect team is always hard to do, but when I find them I hang on tight! Feel free to send an email to: [email protected] for more information. CPR certified is a must, no experience necessary, as I will train you!